Bridgewater Martial Arts

Providing quality, traditional Martial Arts Instruction since 1992.

School History:

     Bridgewater Martial Arts was established over two decades ago, when its founder, Grandmaster Shawn Gallagher, opened up a Dojo (karate school) in an old mechanics bay. Two moves and over two decades later, BMA has remained in Bridgewater at 992 Bedford Street, on route 18. In the early 1970’s, Grandmaster Gallagher started his Martial Arts career in the Art of Shaolin Kempo at a Dojo in Brockton called “United Studios of Self Defense”.

    It was at the United Studios that Grandmaster Gallagher met and mentored a private student who he would eventually pass ownership Bridgewater Martial Arts on to, Professor John Hatfield. After retirement from rigorous competition and full time teaching, in 2005, Grandmaster Gallagher turned BMA over to Professor Hatfield.

    Since BMA’s inception, Shawn and John have been providing the Bridgewater area with quality martial arts using a combined sixty years of experience. Our Dojo is dedicated to preserving traditional martial arts and giving an experience unlike other American programs. BMA strives to provide its students with a truly beautiful experience rooted in the Asian tradition.

What To Expect:

    The BMA student can expect to get a great workout while learning a proven form of self-defense. Our old school training method benefits both youths and adults immensely. Our teaching philosophy is infused with lessons on traits such as, honesty, humility, and character. These personal traits will be useful in all aspects of life such as employment, personal relationships and of course school. This methodology and mentality afforded BMA an opportunity to join an international federation of Martial Arts schools; we are proud to be the only American Dojo accepted into this federation.


    We are dedicated to a community approach and have had an active role in our surrounding community through fundraising, parades, school programs, and other events. BMA hold an annual tournament that has raised considerable funds, all which get donated to Bridgewater area schools.

    Bridgewater Martial Arts is a family-focused school that features a family price limit for 2 or more family members (parents and siblings). We take character and transparency seriously as BMA, as such there are no contracts necessary to be enrolled in our school. Monthly prices are clear and reasonable; there is a one time enrollment fee at sign-up...that's it.

      BMA also offers one of the area's only Martial Arts Program for children and teens on the Autism Spectrum. For more information on this program, please visit


    In addition to our state of the art training facility, our Dojo provides a five-day schedule that is accommodating to almost any family lifestyle. These class times have been organized to fit all schedules. Although the classes are typically small we have the ability to accommodate large and special groups.  Our class schedules rarely varies, but is subject to change, for more detailed information call Professor John Hatfield at 508-697-4947 or reach us via email at [email protected]